Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish and Cool on Oh My Stars!

Ok, it's time to get some boys clothes going on in this blog and what better time than while we're all enjoying The Seasons Hunt and the wonderful offerings of Oh My Stars! vendors.

First off I want to talk about my favorite new accessory and that's the "Said Anything Further" scarf from Split Pea on Elliott. I don't love this just because Melatonin Hax is a wonderful human. I love it because I look DAMN sexy in this scarf and it goes with nearly every piece of winter wear I have. Stylish, sexy, expertly crafted and yes, cute! (I'm talking about the scarf, not me!!)

Here I am having a rest after hunting my booty off for 6 hours. Looking warm and stylish in my scarf and the amazing "Black Jacket with Grey Hoodie" from Young Urban. Guys clothes are hard enough to find to begin with. If I dressed from the majority of SL stores I would end up looking like a cross between a Gor Leather afficianado and P-Diddy with enough Bling to burn the pixels in my flat-screen. Young Urban makes it easy for all guys. Stylish and comfy looking clothes that you would, and do wear in real life. The "Black Jacket with Grey Hoodie" comes in several other color combos and surprise surprise kids it looks as good ON you as on the Vendor! (now there is a novel concept)

Also, check out those nifty and shall I mention FREE "Norfolk Pants in Olive" also from Young Urban! These are Young Urban's Seasons Hunt gift and they rock! I'm picky about pants, but these are absolute keepers and well, the price is certainly right!

Now go!.. and get yourself outfitted with some wonderful duds on the Oh My Stars! Sims!!

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