Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's all about FUN! So here's some Fun Stuff!

OK, yeah that is a bit simplistic, but it really is ALL about Fun, isn't it? Lately my fun is being manifested in my preferred form of transport and that's via the extra-cool shopping carts you wear and ride around on from Yellow Snow! I use them everywhere. When lag kicks in, I put it on and glide effortlessly over all those lovely gray people, with oddly shaped non-rezzed hair! Hair Blob!

Here I am, contemplating the sunset, secure in the knowledge that if I do become homeless in SL I will always have a fashionable and fun way to get around. Thank you Madison Oller and Yellow Snow! You can visit Yellow Snow's Main Store on Oh My Stars! .... go..... go now... scurry!

I like to jump on the bed, it's the kid in me. But NOT any old bed! It's the Bed from Gala Charron of Art Dummy! which frankly has more changeable options than I have ever seen. No, not pose balls Thank GOD! What it has is the ability to change every fabric from sheets to pillows, and different wonderful and cute options for the headboard. The poses are also great!

Here I am being busted by Lucy whose exact words were "Shoes off the bed buddy!" I did a triple somersault with a pike tuck and landed it like a 13 year old Chinese Olympic gymnast (I even look great in Red). She was not amused! This is a really fun and well scripted animation in a bed that does almost everything except make the coffee and pour you a bowl of Crunchberries.

In the picture above you will also see Art Dummy's "Vintage Barn Light" which looks great no matter where you put it. Wonderful sculpted design and a bright scripted light. Visit Art Dummy on Elliott and see all their other wonderfully designed home furnishings!

Featured Above:

Grocery Cart - Yellow Snow - Slurl

Chalk Dust Bed - Art Dummy! - Slurl

Vintage Barn Light - Art Dummy! - Slurl

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