Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few items from Oh My Stars-O-Rama

The first Oh My Stars-O-Rama event has started! This event stared today (1/22/2011) and will end on 1/29/2011. We will be updating the blog (hopefully daily) with some of items created for this event. This first blog post is actually two in one!

Oh My Stars-O-Rama 01212011

Crown: !SyDS! Leaves Crown
Shirt: [ bubble ] Leaf Sweater
Underpants: *Cat's-Eye* Like a Boy Shorts Blue (Pants)

Oh My Stars-O-Rama 01222011

Oh My Stars-O-Rama 01222011
Dress: Random Fashions - Leaf Punch Dress in Purple

Oh My Stars-O-Rama 01222011
Dress: Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress O Rama - Gold
Necklace: +>Adore & Abhor  <+ Morning Dew Necklace
Hat: LIKKA*HOUSE Leaves Hat
Glasses: Poetic Colors Stars-O-Rama gift 1/11 - glasses (made by B.W.)
Shirt: [ bubble ] Leaf Sweater

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