Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prancing in a hat

Is this thing turned on? That's right, it's Wednesday, so I've turned up like a bad penny. I hope your lives are going peachy, boys and broads! I slipped back in time this week to show off a little ruffle skirt that I picked up from Bubble. I like this shop, it suits my old-fashioned personality to a T without smelling like mold, if you know what I mean. I also like Miss Hax's Hats. I found one that put me in mind of 1920s flappers, so I stuck it over a tidy wig from Clawtooth.

That Bubbles Clawtooth is a card, isn't she? Just the other day we were trading mustache waxing secrets when I said, Bubbles dear, you might want to work on your legs, too. How're you going to draw a seam up the back if you don't get a closer shave? She said, "Oh, that doesn't matter, darling -- my boys like it rough." Now what was my point? Oh yes, clothing. Oh, it doesn't matter, aren't I cute? I bet you are too! Now go have a lovely afternoon.

Ticky Tacky Tempted Bangles in Ghost
Split Pea Do You Love Me Now? Hat
Bubble High-waisted Skirt Red Dots
Clawtooth: Louise Brooks - Black eye
Schadenfreude Langwidere Ripe Apple Lipstick
Schadenfreude Dawn Langwidere f-b-d Blush
Schadenfreude Krakenflake Eyes
Schadenfreude Glass Star jewelry
Schadenfreude Lucent Batwing Shoes
Vanitas Vesture Wonderland Jujune Tunic Camel
Colorism Loose-fitting socks Gray

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