Sunday, January 2, 2011

Amazing home furnishings at Oh My Stars!

This might be the easiest blog I've ever written as I just had to look around the lovely sky box designed by my partner to find a load of beautiful and well made home furnishings that are available all over the Sims of Bill and Elliott!

First up a trip to Ponitee on Bill. If you love retro, well textured and just downright functional you will love the "Change URL-Turntable". It allows you to set the music on your Sim at the same time looking like your spinning those old Neil Diamond records you could never throw away (because.. well, Neil's picture is on the cover!). Add the Ponitee record cabinet and some JBL speakers and there you have it, home stereo for not many Lindens!

Next, I must admit I have been a fan of Pandora Popstar and Lisp Bazaar for some time. A trip through her store is always fun with new things popping up all the time! Her Brighton Rock collection is amazing and available at her new Lisp Satellite store on Elliott! Visit and marvel at the wonderfully textured, fun and inventive items that you NEED for your home!

Skyboxes, skyboxes...... skyboxes! Ok, there are zillions out there and we all have favorite designers but recently my partner, the ravishing Lucy Lourbridge, found our current one and it couldn't be cooler! It's by Modest House and it's the Marianne Skybox. It has a main room, big open windows for light, a cozy feel (especially for Christmas) and a wonderful large upstairs bedroom. Visit Modest House on Elliott and see the full range of skyboxes and houses available!

Pictured Above:

Speakers JBL - Ponitee

Change URL Turntable - Ponitee

Recordshelves (white) - Ponitee - Visit Ponitee Here

Brighton MOD Side Table - LISP

Badly Drawn Cat Chair - LISP

Floor Cushion Mauve Knit - LISP (Gatcha)

Target Eye Splatter Picture - LISP - Visit Lisp Here

Marianne Skybox - Modest House - Visit "Modest House" Here

Shabbyriffic Rug (Green Dots) - Olive Juice

Pose - Music is my best friend - Olive Juice

"Cosy Christmas" fireplace - {what next}

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