Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh My Stars-O-Rama will be starting soon!

Oh My Stars-O-Rama April Event

Oh My Stars-O-Rama begins on April 23rd and runs through April 30th.

We have asked the stores of Oh My Stars to create up to three items using a texture. They are able to make changes to the texture and are able to come up with poses, hair, outfits, shapes, anything related to this texture!

We invite you to visit Oh My Stars and see everything we've created with this texture! The stores who are participating will have their items out by April 23rd and will remove them after April 30th Stores can totally reuse these items in their stores after the event is over! Keep watch on our blog to find out a list of participating stores! This month's texture was created by the marvelous Renee Harvy of Duh!

We will be showcasing the items throughout the week of the event on the Oh My Stars blog and flickr group!

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