Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh My Stars - April Showers Hunt! EVEN more stuff!!

OMS April Showers Blog 06022011

Vase & Flower in Vase: UrbanizeD - Planter "O-My-Stars" LIMITED EDITION & UrbanizeD - Planter & Orchid "O-My-Stars" LIMITED EDITION
Coffee Mugs: [*Art Dummy!] april. (decorative coffee mug) & [*Art Dummy!] may. (decorative coffee mug)
Hair: Urban December December Brown
Earrings: Vulgari Brothel earring
Shirt: Young Urban - Orange Raglan
Jean Skirt & Flower Hair Accessory: Argyle Anonymous-Denim Mini Dark Beanstock Hair Flower Pink
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Flowers Rainboot
Face Tattoo: Miss Shippe's Studio - Mudface: April Showers and May Flowers

Visit the sims here:
TP to Bill
TP to Elliott

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